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Candidate Questionnaire Released

CDPAANYS Releases Candidate Questionnaire Ahead of 2018 Elections

More than 100,000 program participants have a vital resource ahead of Primary Day

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) has released its first candidate questionnaire for the Gubernatorial and state legislature ahead of the September 13th primary and November 6th general election. Candidates’ responses have been published and are now live on CDPAANYS’ website, offering an educational resource to approximately 40,000 consumers and 60,000 personal assistants as they determine who to vote for in September and November. Voters now have access to on-the-record statements from the candidates who want their vote on policies related to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) in particular, as well as the overall direction of community-based Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS) in New York State.

Independence and self-direction are central tenets of CDPA, a Medicaid alternative to traditional agency-based home care. The questionnaire responses give consumers key information about issues they care about ahead of Election Day, including candidates’ positions on pay raises for home care workers, the inclusion of LTSS in the New York Health Act, and expanding access and awareness to CDPA and removing existing departmental barriers for a more integrated approach to Long Term Care.CDPAANYS Executive Director Bryan O’Malley said, “Over 100,000 New Yorkers rely on CDPA, either for their day-to-day services or their livelihood. This questionnaire gives these voters an opportunity to learn where candidates stand on the issues that matter to them. CDPA is a matter of life and death for many, so it makes sense that those who rely on it would want to know where elected officials stand on this government program.”

#CripTheVote Co-Founder Gregg Beratan said, “This is a fantastic collection of data that will help disabled voters make an informed choice at the polls this fall. The information provided by some campaigns and the silence from others will make what might otherwise be difficult choices much easier!”

Kendra Scalia, a CDPA consumer, said, “This questionnaire not only helps consumers and the personal attendant population make informed decisions before heading to the polls, it encourages candidates to research and discuss essential Home and Community Based Services. The needs of the disability community are rarely part of a candidate’s platform. This questionnaire is an opportunity to amplify the conversation about the direction of Long Term Care in New York State.”

CDPAANYS contacted and provided the questionnaire to all candidates for permanent statewide ballot lines. The responses published on the website are the words of incumbents and challengers themselves. CDPAANYS will continue to collect candidate questionnaire submissions until the November 6th general election.