THE FUTURE OF CDPA: Our recommendations to the workgroup

ALBANY, NY – In advance of the first statewide workgroup meeting to determine the future of state Department of Health (DOH) contracting for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) services, CDPAANYS has released a white paper to provide programmatic insights and guidance to participants. The workgroup is tasked with, among other items, assisting in the creation of contracting provisions for CDPA agencies, known as Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs).

The final New York State FY 2019-20 budget established the requirement that all agencies providing FI services contract with the DOH beginning January 1, 2020. CDPAANYS is a member of the workgroup, which includes consumers, advocates, provider agencies, and managed care companies that contract with the State.

The workgroup will be highly influential to the future of CDPA. Chaired by the Commissioner of DOH, it is responsible for informing Fiscal Intermediary (FI) best practices, determining the qualifying standards for FIs to receive state contracts, establishing methodologies for consumer transitions between FIs, identifying potential variations of service delivery dependent upon consumer needs, and support the creation of FI quality reporting rules.  


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