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Image descriptions for Virtual Gala ending slideshow

  • Posted: December 2, 2020 |
  1. Two women in wheelchairs at a conference
  2. A group of people holding signs
  3. Two women smiling taking a selfie
  4. An elderly man with an oxygen tube
  5. Three people holding signs outdoors
  6. A young man wearing a baseball hat
  7. A group of people dressed warmly holding signs
  8. Four women holding signs wearing orange shirts
  9. A group of men, women and children smiling
  10. A group of people holding signs
  11. A man speaking to a woman at a conference table
  12. A group of people holding signs with balloons
  13. Four people at a conference table
  14. Two women holding signs
  15. Two men and a woman in a conference room
  16. A woman in a wheelchair smiling
  17. A group of people at a vigil holding signs
  18. A woman holding a microphone and a man speaking
  19. A woman smiling in a wheelchair
  20. A woman speaking in front of a crowd
  21. A group of people holding signs
  22. A woman wearing a mask smiling
  23. A woman with pigtails holding a black dog
  24. A man wearing sunglasses holding a black dog
  25. Two parents and their daughter smiling at a table
  26. Two women in wheelchairs
  27. A closeup of a woman with an oxygen tube
  28. Text: Looking forward to 25 more years of Consumer Direction