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Advocacy Day 2022 Materials are Here

CDPAANYS is happy to provide meeting materials and resources for you to use and share with your legislators. These documents provide an overview of the issues we are fighting for, and also inform elected officials about important information such as bill numbers, bill sponsors, and more.

2022 Budget & Legislative Agenda

Memos & One Pagers: Give these to the elected officials you meet with.

Fair Pay Two-Pager

Data Transparency One-Pager

Eligibility Expansion One-Pager

Raises, Not Bonuses One-Pager

Talking Points: Keep these and use them as a guide for when you meet with elected officials.

Eligibility Expansion Talking Points

Consumer Fair Pay Talking Points

FI Fair Pay Talking Points

Generic Fair Pay Talking Points

Repeal MRT Eligibility Cuts Talking Points

Data Transparency Talking Points

Eliminating the Medicaid Global Cap Talking Points

Raises, Not Bonuses Talking Points