WHY NOT US? CDPA workers deserve a raise too.

For years, CDPAANYS has been making the case that personal assistants need a wage increase. We have argued that the artificially low cost demanded by Medicaid payments prevents consumers from being able to hire and keep a high quality workforce because personal assistants can not afford to live on the low wages the program offers.  Recently, Governor Cuomo convened a wage board to examine the wages paid to workers in the fast food industry and make recommendations as to whether or not the base wage in that sector should be $15.

CDPAANYS does not have anything against ANYONE who puts in a hard days work making enough money to live on, and supports this wage board; however, we note that in setting up this board, Governor Cuomo has paid attention to one group in the workforce, while ignoring another that he has direct control over through his ability to set Medicaid rates.We must stand together and demand that the extremely hard work personal assistants perform needs to be recognized too. 
Click here to register for your local hearing now!

The wage board will be holding 4 hearings around the state. We are asking that you show up and make yourself visible to those making decisions. Do you have a shirt from Lobby Day? Wear it! Make signs that ask “What about us?” or “Where is my raise?” or “Medicaid must pay a living wage!” Maybe even “Working in Medicaid shouldn’t put me on Medicaid!” Be creative! Come up with your own slogans and signs. Just don’t be disrespectful to the fast food workers – we don’t want to put down one group to get what we need. It’s not the fast food workers fault that Medicaid doesn’t pay more!  Also, we don’t want to cause a ruckus. Sit in the audience with your shirts and signs. Grab a seat right up front! Don’t yell. Don”t cause a scene. The wage board has no power to give us what we want. Our goal is to get noticed. Make the Governor feel pressure and put this on his agenda.

If you want to go to a hearing, you MUST pre-register.  There are two forms: online pre-registration, and a pre-registration form that you must fax or mail.

The full URL for pre-registration is here: http://labor.ny.gov/secure/worker-protection/labor-standards/register.shtm

The dates, times and locations of the Wage Board hearings have been announced:

Fast Food Wage Board Meetings And Hearings 

Date/Time City Location
June 5, 2015
10:00 am
Buffalo Common Council Chamber
City Hall, 13th Floor
65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY 14202
June 15, 2015
10:00 am
New York City New York University
NYU Kimmel Center, C95 Lecture Hall
60 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
June 18, 2015
12:00 noon
Long Island Nassau Community College
College Center Building, Multi-Purpose Room
One Education Drive
Garden City, NY 11530
June 22, 2015
10:00 am
Albany Legislative Office Building
198 State Street
Albany, NY 12210
If you are planning on attending a hearing, please register online with CDPAANYS by clicking here. This will help us help you get attention.
We are working with local people in each location who will help coordinate. Please let them know you plan on attending, so they can plan accordingly. This is all about getting attention, so our organizers have to know:
In Buffalo, call Todd Vaarwerk at 716-836-0822, x 101, tvaarwerk@wnyil.org
In New York City, call TK Small at 212-293-9999, x270, tksmall@coiny.org
In Long Island, call Therese Brzezinski at 516-796-0144, theresea@licil.com
In Albany, call Denise DiNoto at 518-464-0810, Denise@cdchoices.org

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