We are looking forward to seeing YOU at Lobby Day

It is snowing outside. A lot. But that is not stopping us as we prepare for another GREAT Lobby Day.

As we work with NYAIL, we are expecting hundreds of people from across the state to come to Albany. You will all be here for one thing – to make CDPA better. We are finalizing materials now and putting folders together. The t-shirts are coming and we will be ready to deck you out in a bright orange t-shirt, because it is time to Fund Freedom.

That is the theme of this year’s Lobby Day. Why? Because, while everyone loves that CDPA allows people to get better services for less money, nobody feels like they need to pay a fair price for those services. They don’t think they need to pay personal assistants a fair wage, and they don’t think they need to pay fiscal intermediaries enough to fund their actual costs.

I mean, do you know what your FI needs to run their business? I don’t mean what they need to pay workers. I mean what they need to keep the staff coming in and keep the lights on.


That’s it. $.10 of every reimbursement dollar goes to your FI. The rest goes to personal assistant wages and legally required costs of employing someone (think taxes). I mean, it almost sounds like one of those commercials you see on late night television. “For just $.10 on the dollar, you can give someone the ability to live in their own home, hire their own workers, and live life on their own terms.”

Let’s put this in perspective, your typical home care agency is allowed to spend $.28, almost three times what your FI spends, on administration! THREE TIMES!

But, that is not enough for Medicaid. “They” want more. 

  • They want your worker to go almost 10 years without a raise.
  • They want you to not be able to hire new people because the pay is so low.
  • They want your FI to go out of business because they will not provide enough money to actually meet the costs the fiscal intermediary legally has to provide!
  • And the newest piece. The icing on the cake. They want to pass a minimum wage increase that they will not admit increases the costs they have to pay to FIs. A minimum wage increase that will give most PAs in the state a raise. “They” see nothing wrong with paying your workers minimum wage, and not even giving you enough money to do that!

Don’t let them do it!

The snow is going to end (I promise, it will end). Come to Albany on Wednesday and make your voice heard. Tell your Legislators you want:

  • Fair pay for personal assistants, tied to 150% of the minimum wage. This will let you hire qualified workers – and keep them!
  • Adequate funding for FIs. FIs operate more efficiently than anyone in the health care universe. It is time to make sure they have enough money to cover their basic legal obligations.
  • A way to keep paying for this. Community First Choice will give the state an extra 6% in federal matching funds. We need to make sure this money is invested back into CDPA, so we can fund this critical program that helps people stay in the community.

We’ll see you there.

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