Wage Parity Delayed, Effective October 13

For the last four years, a significant piece of CDPAANYS’ Legislative Agenda has been higher wages for personal assistants (PAs) in CDPA. This past year, the Legislature and Governor included a provision in the law that added CDPA to an existing law called wage parity. This means that, starting on July 1, Personal Assistants (PAs) were supposed to get wages and benefits totaling $15.09 in New York City and $13.22 in Long Island and Westchester.

This change will still be taking place; however, it has been delayed until October 13. 

Wage parity law requires that notice be posted about the rate 120 days prior to its effective date. The Department of Health did not distribute this notice until June 14, meaning that Fiscal Intermediaries did not have sufficient time to negotiate new rates. Because of this, according to the law, the new requirement could not take effect until October.

Despite strong efforts by both Fiscal Intermediaries and the New York State Department of Health, several major plans are still paying $3.00 per hour under what is needed to meet the wage parity requirement. 

CDPAANYS is continuing to work with the Legislature, the Department of Health and others to make sure that when wage parity goes into effect,  reimbursement will be adequate to ensure that continuity of care is maintained. We will also continue our advocacy on all fronts for a living wage for PAs in all regions of New York State.

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