Wage Parity and CDPA: Managed Care Plans Must Pay!

On July 1, Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) will be included in wage parity. Wage parity means that plans now must calculate wages and benefits when calculating reimbursement. This means they will have to pay $15.09 in NYC and $13.22 in Long Island & Westchester. If funded properly, wage parity would mean a raise for thousands of personal assistants (PAs) whose work allows seniors and people with disabilities to thrive in their own homes and communities in the downstate region. 

However, Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs) cannot meet new wage parity requirements without additional funding from plans. Many plans have cut payments to FIs, which is why personal assistants’ (PA) wages are low and overtime hours are being capped. 

If plans don’t pay more to fiscal intermediaries, it will be the end of CDPA.

The consequences of the State’s failure to ensure adequate reimbursement to pay for wage parity will affect all New Yorkers – not just people in wage parity counties. If managed care plans do not pay for wage parity, and CDPA ceases to exist, it will affect you, the person reading this, as you will surely know at least one person who experiences an accident or illness and does not want to use traditional home care or be placed in an institutional setting.

Here’s what you can do today:

1.) Call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390.

Tell Governor Cuomo you are counting on him to make sure the Department of Health makes managed care plans pay for wage parity in CDPA. Remind him that wage parity is beginning July 1st.

2.) Call the State Department of Health MLTC Complaint Line at 1-866-712-7197.

Tell the Department of Health that your managed care plan is not paying its providers enough to meet new wage parity rules.

3.) Call your managed care plan or MLTC and ask to file a grievance.

Tell your plan they must pay for CDPA wage parity. They need to re-negotiate their contracts with fiscal intermediaries, so they can pay for wage parity. Remind them that wage parity is effective starting July 1st.

4.) Call your local Senate and Assembly representatives.

If you live in Westchester, NYC or Long Island, call your Senator and Assembly member! Tell them that the seniors and people with disabilities in their district who use CDPA are in danger due to the unfunded wage parity mandate beginning July 1.

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