CDPAANYS is very happy to report that after a tremendous amount of effort by CDPAANYS, ADAPT, Concepts of Independence and over 600 consumers, workers and others who e-mailed the Governor, CDPAANYS is eligible for payments from managed care plans to meet the minimum wage guidance.

Since December 1 when the issue was first brought to CDPAANYS attention, we have e-mailed the Governor’s office, the Division of Budget, and Department of Health leadership multiple times requesting clarifications and seeking a change in the guidance that there would be no fiscal impact on CDPAS in 2017. We ran an unprecedented campaign where 620 people sent letters to the Governor demanding that he fund the minimum wage in CDPA.

As you know, we have also been planning a protest at the Governor’s office in NYC where we were going to demand action be taken. There was likely to have been a civil disobedience action as well that ADAPT and CDPAANYS were coordinating together.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo visited Rochester for an unrelated press conference and ADAPT took to the streets to flyer the event and say “Shame on the Governor for not paying for the minimum wage increase for people with disabilities.” They even got inside, where one woman personally handed the Governor a flyer and called him a liar when he responded he was paying for the increase.

This preview of Monday’s activities finally forced the Department to reach out to both ADAPT and CDR as well as CDPAANYS. Earlier this morning we finally received confirmation from them clarifying the payment to plans to indicate that the payment to plans was to pay for traditional home care and CDPA services.

We want to thank everyone that helped in our efforts. This was an enormous campaign over a short period of time. It took a lot of work, and we want to acknowledge all for your hard work and ability to get the word out to consumers, families, workers and advocates.

We won this fight, but the fight is far from over.

CDPAANYS will continue to advocate for higher wages as this moves forward, because the people that do this important work deserve more than minimum wage.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your ongoing advocacy and support!

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