Times Union: Low wages seen as major roadblock to hiring medical caregivers

The Albany Times Union published an article today on the impact that low wages have on individuals and families’ ability to hire personal assistants through CDPA. Data is sourced from CDPAANYS’ report on wages that is  being released at a press conference this morning.

New study shows that personal assistants hired through Medicaid program quit because of low pay; those in need hiring multiple times per year

Excerpt: A new report set to be released Tuesday by the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State provides data backing up what the Savoies describe: Finding and retaining in-home help through that program is an arduous task that’s made more difficult by low wages compared to other industries. The report, which includes data from a survey of 451 consumers or designated representatives statewide, details that 49 percent are advertising for new help once or twice per year. The other 51 percent are advertising at least three times a year.

Of the caregivers who quit, over half did so because the pay is too low, according to the survey’s respondents. In some cases, personal assistants have seen their wages drop off in the past six months, a short-term trend that mirrors a longer-term decline in salary as compared to the minimum wage, according to the report.

The full article can be found by clicking here.

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