Consumer Directed Personal Assistance is a Medicaid alternative to traditional home health care or visiting nurse programs.  CDPA allows people with disabilities and stable medical conditions to direct their own home health care and skilled nursing services.  They can hire, schedule, supervise and fire their own personal assistants.  These personal assistants can be anyone who is not a spouse, designated representative, or parent of a minor child.  This means that in many cases, family caregivers can be paid for their services. As of April 1, 2016, parents whose adult children are 21 or older are also eligible to be paid personal assistants.

Consumers/Designated Representatives

  1. About the Program for Consumers
  2. Personal Stories
  3. How to Apply for CDPA
  4. Peer Mentoring Program

Personal Assistants (PA)

  1. About the Program for PAs
  2. How Can I Find Work as a PA?

Fiscal Intermediaries/CDPA Providers

  1. Find A CDPAANYS Member Fiscal Intermediary
  2. Statement of Principles: Why Choose a CDPAANYS FI
  3. Peer Mentoring Program

Managed Care Organizations/Health Plans

  1. About the Program for MCO/MLTC Health Plans
  2. Peer Mentoring Program

Presentations, Webinars and Other Resources

  1. CDPAP Expansion Initiative CD-ROM

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