Peer Mentoring: A Multilingual Program

CDPAANYS’ Peer Mentoring Brochure for consumers is available in downloadable PDF format in 10 languages.

Translations of the brochure text courtesy of A-Z Translations.

English Brochure

Spanish Brochure

Arabic Brochure

French Brochure

Haitian Creole Brochure

Italian Brochure

Mandarin Chinese Brochure

Russian Brochure

Urdu Brochure

Yiddish Brochure

If you would like to request hard copies of our brochures or have any questions about Peer Mentoring services, please contact Brian Hollander, Peer Mentoring Program Manager, at (518) 813-9537 or by email at

And remember: consumers and designees who are most comfortable speaking languages other than English need not hesitate to contact CDPAANYS’ Peer Mentors.  Interpreter services and written translation are easily available, all at no cost to you.

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