NY State Responds, Promises to Fund Overtime

In emergency conversations yesterday between CDPAANYS, ADAPT and the Department of Health, it was made clear that that additional money and resources would be made available to fiscal intermediaries whose costs go over the amount already being provided. This means that fiscal intermediaries will not have to worry about consumers allowing their personal assistants to work overtime.

It is not often that victory is this swift, and CDPAANYS would like to thank all of you who called the Governor and made your thoughts known. We would also like to thank ADAPT for weighing in and taking a call to action right to the Governor yesterday in Rochester.

This action and response proves that advocacy can be effective. If you would like to support more advocacy efforts like this, you can donate here.  We hope you will continue to remain vigilant as we make a push for higher reimbursement and higher wages for personal assistants in the coming year.


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