Meet The Peer Mentoring Team

Sandra Lamb, Peer Mentor

I attended the State University of Albany, and have achieved a degree in communications and a minor in business. While attending the University, my desire to champion and advocate for the needs and rights of people with disabilities intensified. Upon leaving the University I continued in that vein and my commitment to community service is a primary motivator for me as a CDPA Peer Mentor. I have been an advocate and consumer of the CDPA Program for the past 14 years.


Iffat Mahmud-Khan, Peer Mentor

I have been using the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program for over three (3) years. I believe CDPA was the right choice for me because this program was designed to enable people with disabilities to self-direct their own care.

The Peer Mentor program offers a chance to provide support and listen in order to assist current and prospective clients of CDPA navigate through their own issues and concerns. As a peer mentor, I appreciate the opportunity to assist others with the knowledge that there are alternate options available.


Athena Savides, Peer Mentor

I have been using Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) for approximately 6 years.  I became a CDPA Peer Mentor for the chance to provide guidance to fellow CDPA consumers as they navigate the program, while also increasing my own skills.  I have been tutoring adults and children in French conversation part-time for a year and a half.  I graduated with honors in May 2014 from Brooklyn College in New York City, with a Bachelors’ degree in French and have a keen interest in teaching, as well as the study of the language.



Margie Colson, Peer Mentor

I have happily used Consumer Directed Personal Assistance since 2004 after more than 20 years of dissatisfaction with traditional care through nursing agencies. 

Having the power and control to direct my own home care is what inspired me to become a Peer Mentor.  I am delighted to occupy an empowering role that allows me to provide support and encouragement to others with a disability as they seek to gain the same independence and choice in their home care as I have.


Brian K. Hollander, Program Manager


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