Managed Care Reimbursement Cuts: Share Your Story

A fresh round of reimbursement cuts from yet another managed care plan is hitting consumers and workers in New York next month, which means thousands more consumers will have to break the news to their personal assistants that their pay is being cut. While these cuts are primarily affecting the downstate region for now, the origin of the problem is systemic, and needs to be addressed at the State level!

CDPAANYS is working closely with the Department of Health, the Legislature, and the Governor to discuss the urgent and immediate need to fix New York’s broken Medicaid system.

In order for this to be effective, we need YOUR experience. We want all your stories, in great detail – particularly about what has gone wrong since the wage cuts have gone into effect.

Consider the questions below.

Have you had to scramble to replace personal assistants? Has someone in your family been forced to stop CDPA because hiring has become impossible? Have you or someone you know wound up in a nursing home? Are you struggling to manage your program because wage reductions are causing undue stress? Are you unable to fill all of your authorized hours? How has this issue impacted your mental and physical health – and that of your families and workers?

Are you a Personal Assistant? How has the wage cut impacted you? Are you still able to pay for the basic necessities? Were you before? Are you looking for a new job? Have you already been forced to quit because of the low wage?

Please send your story to or use the form below.

CDPAANYS will not share any identifying information with any outside parties. However, if you are willing to speak with media about this issue, please let us know.

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