The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) strives to be a strong voice for CDPAP in Albany and around the state.  It is people like you – those who know the value of CDPAP and know why it is a critical program that we must strengthen and grow – who are the backbone of our efforts.

CDPAANYS continues to fight to protect CDPAP from legislative and programmatic actions on a federal, state and local level that would harm the integrity of the program, change its core philosophy, or prevent services from being delivered.  We also engage in active efforts to strengthen CDPAP and allow it to grow to become a larger part of the community-based long term care system in this state.

Unfortunately, all of this takes money.  We are fortunate to have supporters who care deeply about the empowerment of consumers and the ongoing viability of CDPAP – supporters like you.

Please consider clicking here and donating to CDPAANYS and helping us protect and grow CDPAP in New York State.

Every penny we raise helps advance CDPAP and allows CDPAANYS to grow into a force within New York State.

Just this year, we have engaged in campaigns to protect CDPAP and Medicaid from cuts at both the state and federal level.

We are committing extensive organizational resources to supplement funds from a Department of Health grant that will provide education to health care providers around the state about the value of CDPAP.

We are implementing new structures that allow us to communicate with supporters more efficiently and effectively, including a newsletter, an updated website, a YouTube page, a Facebook page, and more!!

But again, we can only do as much as resources allow.

Please consider helping CDPAANYS grow CDPAP and more effectively advocate for the program by clicking here to donate today!

Whatever donation you can afford is much appreciated, be it $5 or $5,000.

All donations are tax exempt – to donate online simply click the following link:

You can mail donations directly to the office payable to:

272 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204

Thank you for your support of CDPAP!

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