Consider supporting CDPAANYS on #GivingTuesday

CDPAANYS has been working all year to secure funding for FLSA overtime hours to protect consumers and ensure workers do not have to leave them due to hours cuts.  We led the fight for FLSA protections for CDPA, and secured $20 million in funding from the Governor’s office, as well as several million in BIP funds through the Department of Health.

CDPAANYS’ top priority has always been ensuring consumers remain in control of their own services and are able to hire and retain quality workers who will not have to work 60-75 hour weeks just to pay the bills.  In recent months, we have been traveling around New York State helping consumers and workers develop their own voices and develop local advocacy strategies.

On Giving Tuesday, please remember CDPAANYS with your tax deductible gift.

We continue to lead the effort to promote CDPA with managed long term care plans, leading to some of the most dramatic growth the program has ever seen and strengthening it for everyone.

We also provide critical support and education to fiscal intermediaries, consumers, family members and plans as questions arise.  Without your support, none of this is possible.

2015 saw the operation of a successful peer mentoring program to help consumers, new and old, use the program more effectively by supporting them and giving them the confidence they need to succeed.  The feedback and data we have collected shows that peer mentoring has had a positive impact on those who used the service, and there is significant interest from plans in utilizing peer mentoring for their members.

CDPAANYS has continued to pursue valuable partnerships that will provide support to everyone involved in the program through technology that can enhance the consumer experience and streamline fiscal intermediary operations, allowing more resources to be dedicated to consumers and their workers.  Our advocacy campaign calls for #15AndFunding – to recognize the importance of the work personal assistants do, while holding the State accountable for funding the program in a way that enables a living wage.

Your tax deductible support of CDPAANYS can help make this our most successful year yet.

CDPAANYS makes it easy to support us, and your gift is recognized in multiple ways. We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, meaning your donation is 100% tax deductible. Plus, a donation of $25 for those who use the program, or $75 for those who do not, get you unprecedented access to monthly calls with us, where you can receive updates on what is happening, ask questions, and propose new issues for us to work on.

This year, give someone the gift of independence on Giving Tuesday.  Support CDPAANYS.

Thank you.

Bryan O’Malley
Executive Director

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