CDPAANYS To Award Senator Hannon, Bruce Darling of Center for Disability Rights

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of NYS is proud to announce the 2015 recipients of this year’s Constance Laymon Excellence in Leadership Award and Sally Johnston Award for Advocacy!

The Constance Laymon Excellence in Leadership Award is given each year to an individual whose leadership has been critical to the success and growth of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance. The award is named in honor of Constance Laymon, a founding member of CDPAANYS, its second President and the individual with the vision that made CDPAANYS the organization it is today.

CDPAANYS is proud to honor Senator Kemp Hannon, Chair of the Standing Committee on Health.  Senator Hannon has been a long-time supporter of CDPA, having sponsored the legislation creating the program and playing a critical role in shepherding through the Legislature the Nurse Practice Act exemption that made the program’s success possible.  Since then, he has advocated for legislation strengthening the program and protecting fiscal intermediaries – notably, the inclusion of fiscal intermediaries under prompt pay law in managed care.  Just this past year, Senator Hannon was responsible for two critical pieces of legislation for CDPA. During the budget, Senator Hannon fought for the inclusion of language that will dramatically streamline the billing process for FIs by creating a universal coding system, ending the confusion of differing codes among each managed care plan. Then, towards the end of session, the Senator was sponsored and played a critical role in advancing one of CDPAANYS’ key legislative priorities, the licensure of FIs. This will protect consumers throughout the state by ensuring that as the program continues its unprecedented growth, the organizations that want to be FIs knows what their role is and do not encroach on the consumer’s rights and responsibilities.


The Sally Johnston Advocacy Award is given each year to an individual whose advocacy on behalf of CDPA was critical for the success of the program and its grounding philosophy of independence and control. The award is named in honor of CDPAANYS founding President, Sally Johnston, whose advocacy for independence and control over services led to Onondaga county becoming one of the original CDPA pilot counties, and then the creation of CDPAANYS in 1998 to facilitate FIs from across the state working together and communicating to build the program and strengthen it for generations to come.

This year, CDPAANYS is proud to be able to honor Bruce Darling, President and CEO of the Center for Disability Rights, a fiscal intermediary and independent living center based out of Rochester, New York.  CDR was one of the founding organizations in CDPAANYS, with Mr. Darling having served on the Board from 2003-2011, and as the organization’s Vice-President for the final three years of his tenure as a Board member.   Mr. Darling has dedicated his career to advocacy, improving the lives of people with disabilities through the creation of community-based alternatives to institutionalization and the improvement of access to public transportation and housing.  He has worked extensively as a community organizer with ADAPT, led the nationwide fight against the FLSA companionship exemption changes, and is one of the top advocates nationwide for implementation of the Community First Choice Option.  Last year, the work of Bruce and ADAPT at a Rochester campaign event for Governor Cuomo led to the conversations that created a $5 million fund to help pay for overtime, and the eventual funding of overtime at $20 million in the NYS budget. Mr. Darling has chaired CDPAANYS’ Advocacy Committee since 2011 and is currently working closely with CDPAANYS to prioritize the fight for higher wages and reimbursement.
If you would like to congratulate Senator Hannon or Bruce Darling, please consider doing so in a conference program ad.  If you would like to register for the Awards Dinner only, you may do so for only $50.

These two prestigious awards will be given on October 26, 2015 at CDPAANYS’ Awards Dinner, part of the Annual Conference.  The Awards Dinner begins at 6 PM and will be held in the Ferris Ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn Troy.

CDPAANYS would like to thank iCircle Care for their sponsorship of the Awards Dinner as the Advocate for Independence.

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