Board Information for Consumers

CDPAANYS’ Nominating Committee is soliciting consumer interest in Board membership.

If you or a consumer you know are interested in being considered for a Board position by the Nominating Committee, please send a brief letter of intent to Vincent Reiter, Nominating Committee Chair, by email to You may also use the secure fillable form at the bottom of this page.

In your letter, please include contact information and the name of the fiscal intermediary you are affiliated with. As you craft your letter, some items that will help the Nominating committee include why you think you would be a good Director, what relevant experience you would bring to the Board, and whether you currently participate in any advisory committees or serve on boards at other organizations. Letters must be submitted no later than Friday, April 7.

Please contact CDPAANYS with any further questions or concerns by phone at (518) 813-9537, or by email at

The Nominating Committee will make determinations about who to invite to the Board based on a number of factors, including geographical diversity and other factors at their discretion.

Please review criteria for Board eligibility, based on CDPAANYS bylaws:

To become a Director a person shall be:

  • An individual who is an officer, director or employee of a Provider Member or Allied Member in good standing that has held membership in the association for at least one calendar year, or an Individual or Consumer member* in good standing who has been a member for at least one year,
  • at least eighteen (18) years of age, and
  • nominated by the Nominating Committee or by a Provider Member in good standing from the floor at the Annual Meeting of Members.


A provider member may have no more than two Director level representatives. If two representatives from one provider member are concurrently serving as Directors, only one vote may be cast between them.

A consumer member elected to the Board of Directors shall not represent the provider member he or she is affiliated with and shall not purport to do so.

*Consumer representatives to the Board may be any consumer who is a consumer member of CDPAANYS as an individual member or any consumer who uses a CDPAANYS Provider Member.


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