Board of Directors

Elizabeth Martin
Consumer Directed Choices, Inc.

Carlos Martinez
BRiDGES of Rockland County

Vice President
Kendra Scalia
Consumer Board Member

Susan McCormack
Long Island Center for Independent Living

Board Members

Julian Hagmann
Caring Professionals

Dr. Gregg Beratan
Center for Disability Rights

Thomas K. Small, Esq.
Concepts of Independence, inc.

Angela Harmer
Consumer Board Member

Denise DiNoto
Consumer Directed Choices, Inc.

Babi Satzman
Independent Living, Inc.

Vincent Reiter
Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley, Inc.

Taryn Birkmire
Recco Home Care Service, Inc.

Stephen Engel
Sterling Staffing, Inc.

Jennifer Rose
Western New York Independent Living, Inc.