About Marcus Johnson

I know how easily an individual can be simply overlooked for their challenges, including disability. I also just happen to have been living with a spinal cord injury for the past 29 years. As the Advocacy Specialist/Manager of Advocacy at Independence Care System (ICS); I not only have bridged the gaps in the processes but made sure the execution of tasks are done with the member’s self interest in mind.

I’m an accomplished counselor, therapist, advocate and mediator for all populations. I’ve a unique perspective working with individuals with disabilities and practicing Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) since 2007 and a proud Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) since 2002. I’m also a recipient of the group of first endocrines of the prestigious Paul G. Hearne Leadership Awards for People with Disabilities from the American Association for People with Disabilities (AAPD), and been employed at ICS for over 15 years; having worked alongside 2 of the most recognized disability advocate pioneers in America, Marilyn Saviola and Anna Fay.

Throughout my tenure at a Managed Long Term Care organization I’ve worked significantly with various interdisciplinary teams prioritizing members’ needs from Consumer Directed Personal Assistance services, housing, grievances and more, while ensuring quality care.

Confident that my level of expertise providing counseling and coaching is vital to servicing the population of people with disabilities; please review these points from my professional background which demonstrates my dedication to delivering high quality care of advocacy:

-Collaboration: hosting numerous trainings for patient care with home care providers on disability awareness. The trainings give insight to the home health care staff on how to anticipate the needs of someone with a disability living in the community. In addition, I’ve worked closely with the Women’s Health Program Department, highlighting competency and the needs of women with disabilities to equal access to quality medical care.

-Process Improvement: Streamlined treatment documentation by suggesting and implementation improvements of routine forms used to track patient care.

-Innate Ability to Empathize: members find comfort in seeing a representative that is living with a disability. When listening to concerns members know the impact that living with a disability has on their lives; therefore this makes my work instrumental to this diverse population.