About Eveline Derosia

I am applying for a seat on the Board of Directors as my qualifications include a professional working knowledge and a true passion for this program.

When my father was very sick, he refused to have anyone in his home to help him as he only wanted myself and my brother. I worked full-time and cared for him with periods of time that I could not work as his health declined before his death. After he died, I found myself working for an FI and learning about CDPAP. For the past 6 years, I have dedicated myself to CDPAP. There are many people like my father, who would rather go without care, than have strangers in their home. This instilled a true passion in me to champion CDPAP. Personally, I am a disabled working person who understands the importance to protect individual rights and maintain dignity within their care. Professionally, I am the CDPAP Client Services Manager for Venture Forthe, Inc. While I have many responsibilities, one responsibility is to understand all CDPAP Regulations keeping up to date with the ever-changing climate we are facing. I am a resource for my agency on all aspects relating to CDPAP, including resolving consumer issues, fraud investigations and insurance issues. My knowledge of CDPAP is well rounded from the business aspect to the very real personal needs of those we serve. As a board member I would always consider the impact to consumers in every meeting and in every vote as they are the beating heart of CDPAP.