2022 Election Bios

Tammy Papperman, Center for Disability Rights
I would bring to the Board a long history of work in the field of disability rights, both in my employment and in a voluntary capacity, and experience working successfully on other boards.

I started my work in advocacy for people with disabilities as a member of the L’Arche Lambeth community in London, U.K., where I lived and worked for two and a half years. Through this experience I was educated to the special supports necessary for people with disabilities in transitioning from facilities to independent life in the community. I was elected to be a member of the Community Counsel, a body within the L’Arche community made up of people with and without disabilities responsible for listening to the needs of people with disabilities in the community and enacting changes to better support these needs. I was also a House Leader and led a team of staff providing both direct care and mentoring to people with disabilities as they created a home for themselves in the community. Part of this work included advocacy with the local government to protect direct care workers from minimum wage laws that would have devastated the ability of consumers to staff their programs.

I have worked for the Center for Disability Rights for 10 years in several different capacities, starting as a Service Coordinator for the NHTD, TBI and OPWDD waivers. I also managed the Service Coordination Department for 3 years. In these positions, I worked closely with the CDPAS program. I participated in numerous fair hearings across several counties, to assist consumers with securing appropriate CDPAS authorizations. I have been serving as the Director of CDPAS for Center for Disability Rights since 2019. I am strongly committed to continuing to support individuals with disabilities in maintaining autonomy in the community by accessing the supports necessary to ensure their needs are met, especially through the CDPAS program.

I have also volunteered with ADAPT to bring attention and awareness to current civil rights issues important to securing the independence of people with disabilities. I have participated in many direct actions both in New York and in Washington D.C. and have acted as part of the Media Team for these actions.

For six years I held a seat on the Human Rights Commission for the city of Geneva, NY. In this capacity I was an advocate for fair housing practices and acted to ensure fair treatment in city processes and governance for people with disabilities and all other members of the Geneva community. I was a member of the Commission’s committee to develop a citizen complaint process and procedure, and as such worked to ensure all city residents are informed of their rights, have fair and safe access to report human rights violations, and that their complaints are processed and resolved quickly and fairly.

In both my personal and professional life, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to civil and human rights, and body autonomy. Working in the CDPAS program has embodied these values, I would be honored at the opportunity to continue this work as a member of the board.

Brian Frasier, Consumer Directed Choices

My name is Brian Frasier, and I am a health care executive with 30-plus years of experience in leadership roles with a large Regional Health System, Community Hospitals, a Certified Home Health Agency, Health Home, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and the Military currently working with Consumer Directed Choices as the Chief Financial Officer.

I have been with Consumer Directed Choices for just over four years. As the CFO, I am responsible for directing and overseeing all financial activities, including expanding, articulating, and executing all tactical and strategic financial goals. I play a crucial role in streamlining and achieving operational efficiency in traditional finance activities, including but not limited to the overall financial planning policies, accounting practices, financial analysis, reporting requirements, and the relationships with auditors, funding agencies, associations, and other stakeholders.

I have served two terms on the Albany Damien Center’s Board of Directors and Finance Committee since May 2016 and will be cycling off the Board in May 2022.

Emily Briggs, Blossom Modern Home Care Solutions of Western New York

My name is Emily Briggs. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY. I received my associate’s degree in Liberal Arts at Finger Lakes Community College and my bachelor’s in Health Care Administration from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I currently live with my partner and our children in Rochester, NY. I have been the Director of CDPAP at Blossom: Modern Home Care Solutions of Western New York, formerly Companion Care of Rochester, since 2018, where I oversee all the operations of CDPAP. I recently joined the advocacy committee for CDPAANYS this past quarter. I am looking forward to bringing a voice from the FIs, Consumers and Designated Representatives from Western New York to CDPAANYS and the legislators in Albany.

Thank you for your consideration.