2021 CDPAANYS Election Biographies

Alexander Litman, Ideal Home Health

My name is Alex Litman and I am the Director of Operation for Ideal Home Health, Licensed Home Care Service Agency and Fiscal Intermediary.

I am writing today to request your consideration of my nomination to the Board of CDPAANYS. I believe due to my experiences building and operating a Fiscal Intermediary (which was selected as a Lead F.I. in the recent RFO), sitting on the Board of a Fiscal Intermediary, experience in business operations outside of healthcare, background in event planning, organization and fund-raising, and community service and my in-depth knowledge and relationships within the industry, I can bring considerable value to the Association as a Board Member.

To give you some background, I joined Ideal Home Health LHCSA in 2014 as their Director of Business Development. I was brought on after years of business development in another customer-service oriented industry, hospitality, where I was the lead responsible for launching, branding, and marketing a new project for a major hotel chain based out of Times Square. At the time I joined Ideal Home Health, there were less than 20 members associated with the LHCSA program and no CDPAP. Since that time, Ideal Home Health has serviced thousands of members through both the LHCSA and CDPAP. We were selected in the recent RFO as a Lead F.I. and have since connected with dozens of our peers who were not selected, to provide an open line of communication and share any news/updates we have on our end. I believe our FI was selected due to our focus on compliance, efficiency, and innovation/technology, which we will be able to share and standardize across the CDPAANYS community.

 I am the representative of the agency to multiple Associations including CDPAANYS, HCA, and HCP. I have cultivated strong personal and professional relationships with many of the executives at the major downstate MLTC plans, which I can use to our advantage as a bridge for open communication. Every year my agency participates in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk of Central Park”, which I personally organize and lead all fundraising efforts for. Additionally, I have strong background in event planning and fundraising including having been responsible for organizing events with over 200+ guests. I have an appreciation for the moving parts associated with putting together a successful event which someone without experience might not realize. Just since last September, even in the face of the pandemic, we were able to work with our community partners to donate over 1,000 backpacks, 500 turkeys, and over 1000 toys to low-income families during back-to-school and the holidays. Additionally, I have advanced skills of computer-based software and digital marketing strategies which I believe can expand our outreach and voice within the community, as well as add efficiency and cost savings to daily operations. A majority of the agency client referrals come from community-based marketing program I developed, giving Ideal Home Health an already strong presence in the community. We can leverage this into increased exposure for CDPAANYS.

I would love the opportunity to introduce myself in further detail and chat about the direction I am confident I can help this Association grow. Home care is my passion and I believe my agency is innovative enough to be on the fore-front of the major changes that are headed our way in the near future. I am confident my participation as a member of this association can assist this Association and the agencies within it to successfully navigate this future.

David Grumet, Freedom Care

I have been working at FreedomCare since its inception in March 2015. I have worked many jobs at FreedomCare which has given me hands on knowledge of the ins and outs of CDPAP. I feel that my experience can add to the organization and I am eager to join as a member of the board. Additionally, with FreedomCare being a large FI with a sizeable census, I would be able to represent and share the unique experiences of thousands of consumers and caregivers. Thank you for your consideration.