Webinar on Self-Direction and CDPA

CDPAANYS hosted a webinar on OPWDD Self-Direction and CDPA, a collaboration featuring several of the leading experts on Self-Direction:

Michael Seereiter, President and CEO of the New York State Rehabilitation Association, represents a diverse range of individuals who receive services through a number of different agencies. NYSRA‘s member agencies are instrumental in assisting individuals toward full integration into the community. For more information on NYSRA, please go to their website: http://nyrehab.org/about.php

Maggie Hoffman and Susan Platkin, New York Self-Determination Coalition, speak from the perspective of parents who use Self-Direction to coordinate services for children through OPWDD. Like many New Yorkers, Maggie and Susan have experience navigating services that blend Self-Direction and CDPA. More information on NYSELFD can be found at their website: http://nyselfd.org/

Alex Schneider, Director of Clinical & Community Services at Coarc, manages Coarc’s Self-Direction program and Financial Management Services (FMS) program. He is also the co-founder and ongoing chair of the Fiscal Intermediary Provider Network, a statewide collective of Self-Directed service providers who collaborate and advocate with New York State on policy issues.


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