Webinar: Andryeyeva Ruling and Live-in Cases

The Appellate Court for the Second Department ruled on Andryeyeva vs. New York Health Care on September 13. This case was based upon a complaint that home care workers who had worked as live-in workers were due back pay because they were only paid for 13 hours when they worked 24 hours.  

CDPAANYS offered provider members an exclusive webinar with Hermes Fernandez of Bond, Schoeneck & King to discuss:

  • What the Andryeyeva ruling means;
  • Impact of the ruling on CDPA and fiscal intermediaries;
  • Whether CDPA and home care will be affected differently;
  • Time for questions at the end.
Hermes Fernandez, J.D. of Bond Schoeneck & King has served as counsel to CDPAANYS since 2002 as well as providing technical assistance to numerous fiscal intermediaries regarding regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, consumer agreement development, and more. Mr. Fernandez has also represented fiscal intermediaries on labor issues and advised both new and seasoned fiscal intermediaries on implementation of both the Affordable Care Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. 


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