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We’d love to here from you! Please share your experiences with the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and we may include them here on the website. We would also welcome pictures. Please email your stories and photos to

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Monica’s Story

I was a victim of a domestic violence crime in 1997 that dramatically changed the course of my life. Due to a gunshot wound I was left paralyzed and unable to use my legs. To make matters worse this happened when I was 7 months pregnant, expecting twins. I was challenged not only to overcome a disability in my life but also to be a mother of newborn babies and my 18 months old daughter at the same time. Click here to read Monica’s Story.


Margie’s Story

I began using the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program over seven years ago after 20 years of receiving personal care aides through various nursing agencies.  My motivation came from the disgust at having to open the door to complete strangers that someone else chose for me and then having to work with that person for an entire shift, or usually days or even weeks – whether we were a suitable match or not… Click here to read Margie’s Story.


Michelle’s Story

My Life Because of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

I was 23 years old and nine months pregnant; driving home to decorate for my baby shower, when I come over a blind hill to see a horse and buggy crossing in front of me.  I swerved to miss the horse and a split second later I met my fate when my car hit a pole in the yard.  I broke my neck and was declared an incomplete C5-C6 quadriplegic.  Nine days later, miraculously, I was declared the mom of a beautiful, completely healthy little girl, I named Felicia… Click here to read Michelle’s Story.

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